Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Irish Jewelry

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry

Sterling silver Irish jewelry comes with all the various types of jewelry a major genre would come with like the Irish Claddagh ring, Celtic knot rings, Irish Celtic necklaces, Irish earrings, Irish Claddagh charms, Claddagh necklaces and more.
Irish jewelry is a very rich culture which lends itself very well to Irish jewelry. The same is true for the Celtic culture which preceded the Irish culture and evolved down into the Irish culture so the jewelry design of both Celtic and Irish jewelry is very rich as a result.
The Irish clover, both three-leaf and our-leaf are extremely popular icons in Irish jewelry. The only Irish symbol more popular than the clover/shamrock is the Irish Claddagh. In this case we look at the Irish Claddagh ring above as a prime example o using the Claddagh to represent Irish jewelry.

Because the Celtic culture evolved into the Irish culture we show on fine example of Celtic knot rings featured just above.  We will also show an example of the two types of symbols evolving into one classic design for Irish jewelry just below.

Irish Claddagh Ring

The sterling silver Irish Claddagh ring shown just below has the iconic Irish Claddagh in the form of a Claddagh ring.  However, this Irish Claddagh ring has Celtic knots in the design as well. More specially a Celtic trinity knot.  This is an excellent example of the two cultures merging together combining their rich symbolism.
Earlier we made mention of the Irish Claddagh symbol being so popular for Irish jewelry. To understand why look at Claddagh ring meaning which outlines the meaning and the history of the Claddagh symbolism.
The Claddagh ring meaning applies to all Claddagh symbols used in any type of Irish jewelry.  Whether the Claddagh is in the form or a charm, a Claddagh necklace or a Claddagh earring, the meaning is the same.

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