Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whats The Difference Between Celtic Necklaces And Celtic Pendants?


Whats the difference between Celtic necklaces and Celtic pendants? In short the difference is simple. The Celtic knot necklace is a sterling silver Celtic knot necklace already designed and made for you.
The Celtic pendants allow you to pick a Celtic knot pendant and a silver chain and customize your Celtic necklace exactly the way you like it. The next question is can you improve on the Celtic necklaces offered at sterling silver Celtic necklaces?

These sterling silver Celtic necklaces look wonderful, there are hundreds of selections, perhaps close to a thousand because each Celtic knot necklace gives you a choice of three selections of silver chains and each come with four lengths.

So the question is rather, can you improve of the Celtic knot necklace with Celtic pendants to make a Celtic necklace?
First of all, there are more sterling silver Celtic pendants than there are in the Celtic necklace collection so that's one point in favor of the Celtic knot pendant.
Another vote for the Celtic knot pendant is that you can select from more than three silver chains and more than four lengths. Another vote for the Celtic knot pendant.
Take a look at a very large selection of silver chains and see which direction it pushes you? Even though I have made two votes for Celtic pendants there are a issue or two to consider for a Celtic necklace. The Celtic necklace is a little less expensive than mixing and matching.
So what I would do is look through Celtic necklaces and if you find what you like you're golden. I you don't then go to Celtic pendants.

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