Friday, April 19, 2013

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry

 Sterling silver animal jewelry is full of countless types of animal charms, animal necklaces, animal earrings and more. All kinds o animals are represented in sterling silver animal jewelry.

This post will mention just a few animal charms that make up a portion o the very wide range of animal jewelry.
The very first animal charm we will see is a sterling silver 3D Lady Bug charm. It can be worn on a necklace and it also goes well on a traditional charm bracelet. Look at the detail of this bright, high shine lady bug charm.
The sterling silver monkey charm is very popular. Often times an animal charm is popular based on how popular the animal is which is why the monkey charm is so popular.
The sterling silver seahorse charm like the monkey charm go nicely with charm bracelets but also make a good pendant for an animal necklace. The seahorse charm is like the animal charms already displayed in that it is also 3D and not one sided.

The sterling silver frog charm is also 3D and is very detailed in its design. The frog charm is an excellent part of the animal jewelry genre.

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