Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All You Need Is Love...And Irish Jewelry

All You Need Is Love...And Irish Jewelry

All you need is love and some Irish jewelry.  You can never have enough love and Irish jewelry. Irish jewelry appeals to all jewelry lovers because it encompasses Irish culturally significant icons as well as abstract geometric Celtic knot symbols.
Irish jewelry also has a sub-genre of love symbols. The most popular of all Irish jewelry love icons are the Claddagh symbols. So let's dig into some common and popular Irish jewelry icons and then look deeply into the Claddagh jewelry genre.
The type of Claddagh jewelry we will focus on is the silver Irish Claddagh rings. Although there are other types o Claddagh jewelry like Claddagh necklaces and Claddagh earrings etc.

The silver Claddagh ring shown above is my personal favorite. I have bought this ring as a replacement for my original wedding ring that I grew out of. The silver Claddagh ring has some Celtic knots in it which makes it appeal to both men and women and Irish and Celtic lovers both. This wonderful Irish Claddagh ring comes in rings sizes from 4-13.

There are a great many Irish Claddagh rings to select from with a wide range of ring sizes.  To see all the sterling silver Irish Claddagh rings in this collection click on Irish Claddagh rings.

Of the four Irish Claddagh rings shown in this blog the second one, the grand Claddagh ring is typically considered a men's silver Claddagh ring because of its size. I bought one and found that it was to big for my short fingers.  It looks much nicer on long fingers because it's a big design.
Of all Irish jewelry the Irish Claddagh ring is the single most popular in the sub-genre of Irish jewelry. The reason for that is the Claddagh ring meaning. Actually there is a lot of history and meaning of the Claddagh symbol.
The Claddagh symbol consist of three elements: the hands, heart and crown.  The hands represent friendship, the heart means love and the crown is loyalty and fidelity. But there is so much more Claddagh ring meaning as well. The Claddagh ring meaning is love and the qualities of love like friendship and loyalty. For more of the Celtic side of Irish jewelry, we'll save that for another article.

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