Sunday, November 25, 2012

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

Sterling silver Irish jewelry is a great way to have an Irish Christmas. Irish jewelry is a great Christmas gift for anyone who likes clover necklaces or anything else Irish.  We are going to look at the Irish necklace side of silver Irish jewelry.

Irish jewelry celebrates all types of Irish culture which is popular in both Ireland and here in America as well. Many of these types of Irish jewelry come as Irish necklaces like the Irish soft shoe necklace.

Part of the Irish necklace collection includes Scottish jewelry like in this case a Scottish thistle necklace. While some would consider a Scottish necklace part of Scottish jewelry, Scottish jewelry and Irish jewelry are part of the same history coming down from the Celts and Celtic jewelry.

The sterling silver clover necklace is so popular that this collection of Irish jewelry has four clover necklaces with clover charms and pendants as well. There are three three leaf clover necklaces and one four-leaf clover necklace.
Regardless of what type of Irish jewelry you like, they all make great Christmas gifts.

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