Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Celtic Pendants

Celtic Pendants

Sterling silver Celtic pendants are what is used to make sterling silver Celtic necklaces. Celtic pendants can be used to custom make you own Celtic necklace with a silver chain or a black leather cord or whatever you like. The cool thing about Celtic pendants, and a big selection at that, is that you have options. You can get exactly what you want.
As we talk about the silver Celtic pendant we'll show a few pictures that come from the same collection to give you an idea of how diverse the collection is and to tempt you to look at the collection of Celtic pendants.

The sterling silver Celtic pendant comes in a vast array of Celtic knots and Celtic symbol designs. The Celtic pendants above show a great example of Celtic knots.
The Celtic pendant below shows examples of Celtic designs as opposed to knots. Both equally popular.
Even the Celtic pendant above that is demonstrating a Celtic design it still has a certain element of a Celtic knot.

The sterling silver Celtic knot pendant above is clearly in a design but with knot work. It is a zoomorphic Celtic design representing a dragon.

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