Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christian Jewelry

Christian Jewelry

The sterling silver Christian jewelry genre is so large because there are so many types of Christian themed jewelry.  Cross necklaces is a huge part of Christian jewelry but we are focusing on Christian themed jewelry no related to cross jewelry.
The specific genre of Christian jewelry we will examine in this post is Faith Hope Love jewelry that is made up of Faith hope love necklaces of which there are several.

This is just one example of a sterling silver Faith Hope Love Necklace. This one faith hope love necklace comes with three pendants that make up the Christian phrase of "faith, hope and love".

This second faith hope love necklace is quite different but still with in this small sub-genre of Christian jewelry.
The third Faith Hope Love Necklace is interesting as well. There are other faith hope love jewelry as well. To see more click on faith hope love jewelry.

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