Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

I'm not sure why Celtic jewelry is so wildly popular, especially sterling silver Celtic jewelry. I know I love Celtic jewelry. There are all kinds of Celtic jewelry like Celtic necklaces, Celtic rings, Celtic knot pendants and charms, Celtic earrings, Celtic jewelry for men and Celtic jewelry for women.
Also under the genre of Celtic jewelry is Scottish jewelry and Irish jewelry. Because there are so many types of sterling silver Celtic jewelry and because there are so many types of Celtic knot jewelry designs we will focus on the sterling silver Celtic necklace in this blog.

All Celtic jewelry and Celtic necklaces referred to in this post are made from affordable sterling silver. Because sterling silver is much less expensive, there are countless more selections from which to choose. For instance, you can buy five or six sterling silver Celtic necklaces for the price of just one 14kt gold cross necklace.

The sterling silver Celtic necklace shows off many random designs by modern jewelry makers but just as many Celtic knot necklaces show of traditional Celtic knot designs. Like the Trinity knot necklace or eternity knot necklaces or zoomorphic Celtic necklaces, these are just some of the original style Celtic necklaces.

As mentioned earlier in the post, there are gender specific Celtic necklaces like Celtic necklaces for women. There are Celtic heart necklaces, Celtic love necklaces and Celtic relationship necklaces as well as a few feminine looking Celtic knot necklaces.
Celtic necklaces for women also include Love and relationship Celtic necklaces like the one below:

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