Thursday, September 6, 2012

Celtic Pendants

Celtic  Pendant

The Celtic pendant is the foundation upon which all Celtic necklaces are made. By selling these Celtic pendants separate from fully made Celtic necklaces you can match the silver Celtic pendant to a necklace or chain of your choice. That makes it all the more unique and personal.
A nice trick with buying Celtic pendants by themselves, not as necklaces, you can by three or four Celtic pendants and then select a chain or two from sterling silver chains and mix and match the Celtic pendants and chains and it makes you look like you have an extra large Celtic pendant necklace collection buy buying only a few pieces.

The Celtic pendant can range from a Celtic knot pendant to a Celtic symbol pendant. But rest assured that all Celtic pendants in this collection are truly Celtic or Irish or both in theme.
Of all the types of Celtic pendants and symbols the Celtic knot pendant is by far the most popular. Many of the Celtic knot pendants have unique symbolic meaning. Many don't. There is a certain mystic quality to them.

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