Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry celebrates both the Celtic culture, Gaelic culture and the Irish culture. Of all the various types of Celtic jewelry there are we will focus on the trinity knot part of Celtic knot necklaces. But if you click on Celtic jewelry you'll easily see many other types of Celtic jewelry.

Celtic Knot Necklace

The Celtic knot necklace comes in many more styles of Celtic knots than just the trinity knot. But this blog is focusing on only the trinity knot.

Trinity Knot

The trinity knot or symbol used to be considered a triquetra symbol by the Celts and the Irish now days. But when christian missionaries went over to Ireland to convert the pagan Celts they took notice of the trinity knot and change the name to Trinity knot in honor of the Holy Trinity. The trinity knot has three corners, each corner one of the Holy Trinity.


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