Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celtic Cross Necklace

Celtic Cross Necklace

The sterling silver Celtic cross necklace is as popular as any other type of christian cross and in some cases more popular. A Celtic cross necklace has other symbols added to the cross making it more rich in symbolism than the traditional cross necklace.

Sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces come with both Irish and Celtic symbols. The Celtic cross below has some Irish symbols like the Irish Claddagh symbol in the place where the Celtic circle usually goes.

The silver Celtic cross necklace genre is huge. To see one of the single largest collections of sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces just follow silver Celtic cross necklace.

As you can see on these four silver Celtic cross necklace pictures they have two things in common, the obvious one is that there Celtic crosses but the other slightly more subtle is the presence of a Celtic trinity knot. That Celtic trinity knot represents a three point knot. Each point represents the Holy Trinity.

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