Tuesday, July 10, 2012



It's been stated, as is true, that you become what you think about most of the time. The brain is the control system of the body. If you want to get a glass of water your brain sends the information to your body to get a glass and go to the faucet and fill the glass with water. Thoughts precede actions if a basic fact.

An affirmation is defined in several ways but the context in which we are using it means a positive statement of truth.  Basically it is feeding thoughts into your mind deliberately to affect the outcome of your thoughts and actions.

The way we are surrounded by negativity we are often overcome with negative thoughts, doubts or negative actions because the negative thoughts precede our actions. Having a positive affirmation to repeat over and over again can help break the flow of negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts.

This process of controlling ones thoughts or changing ones thoughts is sometimes referred to positive affirmations or daily affirmations. For an affirmation to work they must be positive.

Some web sites who deal with positive and negative self thought have said we think over 300 negative thoughts a day which calculated to a negative thought every five minutes. For some it's vastly more and for others it's a lot less but almost everyone has difficulty with negative self talk.

Repeating positive daily affirmations every day can help control what courses through you mind. Also, avoid negative influences. Whether it is negative people, negative books or entertainment, avoid it.

Repeat your positive daily affirmations daily. Many times a day. it depends on you but My suggestion is repeat your positive daily affirmation 15-20 times a day. Each time repeat the affirmation 15 to 20 times.

This positive self talk or positive affirmations seems awfully simple. But many of the great things in life are simple.

As an example of simply things let's look at flossing our teeth. It is a simple task. Because it is simple do we say it won't work. No we don't. Good things do not need to be complex.

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