Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Affirmation Necklaces

Affirmation Necklace

 The affirmation necklace works hand in hand with affirmations, both positive affirmations and daily affirmations. The affirmation necklace that you choose to wear serves as a constant visual reminder of the affirmation you are working on at the moment.

An affirmation is a positive statement of truth that you repeat to your self everyday to feed your mind with positive ideas. Thoughts precede actions and if you fill your mind with positive thought you will eventually have positive actions.

There are over 150 round affirmation pendants and many heart shaped affirmation charms as well. So you can created an affirmation necklace almost any positive affirmation you are working on.

The huge collection of affirmation necklaces are all made with sterling silver and they are all fashionable. The speak to your soul which is what makes them so great for affirmations.

As we said, affirmations are positive statement of truth that you repeat to yourself over and over. For instance an affirmation could be " I love completely", "I am achieving my dreams" or "I love me".

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