Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chinese Year Of The Horse

Chinese Year Of The Horse

The Chinese year of the horse starts January 31, 2014 and goes until February 18, 2015. Celebrate the coming Chines year of the horse with sterling silver horse jewelry.

Horse Jewelry

Sterling silver horse jewelry comes with many different types of horse jewelry ranges from horse earrings to horse charms. From horse necklaces to horseshoe charms. The list goes on and on.

Sterling Silver Equestrian Jewelry

Sterling silver equestrian jewelry is just a fancy name for horse jewelry.
 Equestrian jewelry is a great way to celebrate the "year of the horse"
Sterling silver horse charms and pendants are plentiful in this collection. The horse charms can be used to customize a horse necklace or a horse bracelet.
Don't let the year of the horse go unnoticed, wear some horse or equestrian jewelry to celebrate this great tradition or wear equestrian jewelry to celebrate your love o things equestrian.


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