Thursday, November 7, 2013

Celic Infinity Pendant

Celtic Pendants

Sterling silver Celtic pendants come in many shapes, styles and genres. Some of the more popular types of Celtic pendants are the trinity knot pendant, triskele pendant and the Celtic infinity pendant. As we delve into Celtic knot pendants, we will examine in some depth the Celtic infinity pendant and the Celtic infinity circle meaning.
The Celtic infinity knot pendant comes in many geometric shapes and designs or in other words, it comes in different styled Celtic knots. The Celtic infinity circle meaning is a Celtic way of referring to eternity or endlessness.

The silver Celtic knot pendants shown in his post are a good example of the diverse nature of the Celtic infinity design. These Celtic infinity pendants look different but have the same meaning.
The three Celtic knot pendants above are good examples of the Celtic infinity pendant. The infinity design is where the line(s) used to make the knot have no beginning or end.

Technically this fourth Celtic knot pendant is a infinity knot because the lines have no beginning or end but it doesn't look like the traditional Celtic infinity knot.
This last Celtic knot pendant is a great example of a contrasting Celtic knot pendant. It is referred to as a Celtic tribal design. Notice this last Celtic pendant has open lines so it does not represent infinity.

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