Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry is just like traditional cross jewelry except this type of silver cross jewelry is enriched with Christian Celtic symbols.
Let's take a look at Celtic cross jewelry with some examples of Celtic crosses and some of the Celtic christian symbolism. I think you will clearly see that the symbolism adds greatly to the cross necklaces and cross jewelry.
while there are several types of Celtic cross jewelry to look at, we will explore the symbolism using the sterling silver Celtic cross necklace.

The first and most obvious symbol that appears on the majority of Celtic cross necklaces is the Celtic circle.  It adds the symbolism for "life" and for "eternity".  These symbolic meanings add a lot to a cross necklace.

The second most popular Celtic cross symbol is the three cornered trinity knot. Each corner of the trinity knot represents a member of the Holy Trinity. Most Celtic cross necklaces have some sort of trinity knot on the cross.
An Celtic Irish cross necklace like the one just above is a Celtic cross necklace with at least one Irish symbol. In the case of this Irish cross necklace, the symbol is one of the biggest Irish symbols there is, the Irish Claddagh.
The Claddagh symbol works as follows: the hands mean friendship, the crown means loyalty and the heart means love.  The Celtic cross pendant towards the top o this article is an Irish cross necklace pendant as well. It has the three petal shamrock. Each petal representing a member of the Holy Trinity.

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