Thursday, February 7, 2013

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

Sterling silver Irish jewelry covers a wide range o popular Irish icons in jewelry form. or instance, Irish jewelry is popular with three-leaf and four-leaf clover necklaces and pendants. Irish jewelry covers Irish cultural icons like Irish jig dancing and other elements unique to Ireland. One of the most popular types of Irish jewelry is Claddagh jewelry and more specifically the sterling silver Claddagh ring.

To understand with Claddagh jewelry and the sterling silver Claddagh ring are so vastly popular in fine Irish jewelry click on Claddagh ring meaning.
All the Claddagh rings or sale from this collection and all other Irish jewelry from this web site are all made from sterling silver. The silver claddagh ring is so versatile according to the Claddagh ring meaning that men and women both wear them for many reasons.

Silver Claddagh rings, as you will see from these sample pictures are all similar in design but still have different appearances. They all have the same Claddagh ring meaning but are just  designed different.
You might be surprised which sterling silver Claddagh ring is for a man and which sterling silver Claddagh ring is for women. Many of them are for both genders because some of these silver Claddagh rings have sizes ranging from petite women sizes all the way to mens ring sizes.

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