Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dog Charms

Dog Charms

These dog charms are sterling silver dog charms. Besides the obvious, he dog charms are great because with them you can make customized dog necklaces with your favorite dog charm or add to a dog charm bracelet. Dog charms are very versatile and they are perfect or the dog lover.

The Labrador retriever dog is one of America's favorite dogs. Known or his ease with children and loyalty to his owner it's no wonder he is always in the top ten lists for favorite breeds. Celebrate the Labrador with a sterling silver Labrador charm. If you are a Labrador make sure to have a large supply of water. A swimming pool might be nice.

The beagle is a popular dog, even more so as a part of the Peanuts gang. Earn the beagles trust and you have a friend for life. The sterling silver Beagle charm is a great way to remember your dear old friend the Beagle. Look at the 3D sterling silver beagle charm below.
Another dog that comes up on most top ten dog breed lists is the Chihuahua dog. The dog may yap a bit but they make good watch dogs. Not to be confused with guard dogs. They are very protective o their family. Celebrate my favorite dog with a Chihuahua charm.

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