Saturday, February 23, 2013

Celtic Pendants

Celtic Pendants

Sterling silver Celtic pendants are used as "pocket charms" for good luck but mainly for making customized Celtic knot pendant necklaces. The Celtic pendants are made from Celtic knots mostly but Celtic pendants also sport other types of Celtic designs and symbols.
To appreciate the Celtic knot pendant and the Celtic knots that make the Celtic pendant design lets learn a little more about Celtic knot pendants. After all, they are more than geometric designs. The Celtic knots have many symbols with different symbolism.
The first Celtic knot pendant is a Celtic trinity knot of three points or sides. The second Celtic knot pendant is an endless or eternal knot meaning the lines in the knot have no beginning or end.

The third picture of a Celtic knot pendant is a Triskelle or LaGrange knot.

This fourth picture of a Celtic knot pendant is a Celtic "love knot" pendant.

Celtic knots have been used by the Celts long before a Christian influence came to the Celtic region of what is now known as England, Ireland, Scotland and Whales. Having the Christians come into the area started to document Celtic knots and sometimes the meaning of the Celtic knot.
The Christians adopted a few of the designs like the Trinity knot and the endless or eternal knot.
Sterling silver Celtic knot pendants are very engaging which is why they are so popular in the thematic style jewelry. Clicking on Celtic knot pendants will show you the largest single collection o sterling silver Celtic pendants online in America. It will also explain some symbolism's of the Celtic knot pendants. 

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