Friday, February 14, 2014

Silver Dog Breed Jewelry


Sterling silver dog breed jewelry is a collection of sterling silver dog charms, most of which are 3D. All can be used to make dog necklaces and dog charm bracelets.  Silver dog jewelry also has other types of dog jewelry like silver dog breed necklaces.
We are going to touch on 3D sterling silver dog breed charms, especially two types of dog breed charms: Basset hound charm and a Pomeranian charm. Both a 3D and are very detailed showing the elements that highlight the type of dog b reed they are,
Let's look first at the sterling silver Bassett hound charm:
Incredible detail!
This is just one type of 3D Pomeranian charm. There is another as well.  Click on Pomeranian charm to see both of them. Incredible detail!

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