Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant


The sterling silver Celtic Triquetra knot is one of the most popular and famous Celtic knots in all of Celtic jewelry, Irish jewelry and Scottish jewelry.  The Triquetra knot symbol is so popular that it is found in modern-day styles Irish Claddagh symbols and in other types of Celtic jewelry.  The Triquetra pendant shown in this post and the Triquetra pendants from the collection these samples are drawn from are all made from solid .925 sterling silver. The Triquetra pendant is also called a Trinity pendant is in more recent years is mostly known as a Trinity knot pendant.
For our purposes in this post, the Celtic trinity knot pendant and the Triquetra pendant are synonyms or mean the same.  Although it is important to note that the Christian symbolism of the Triquetra knot is called the Celtic trinity knot pendant.

The sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant is based on a Celtic knot that is distinct in that there is three corners or three sides to the necklace, other than that, the sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant can be somewhat different. Case in point, look at the first and second pictures, they have three corners and the second one has a circle interlaces through the sterling silver Celtic pendant.

The third sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant is a traditional sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant with a Celtic circle on the outside of the knot.

This last example of the many Celtic trinity knot pendants there are looks like a trinity knot pendant on fire with the upward stylized lines.  Whatever you call this Celtic knot, the sterling silver Triquetra pendant or the sterling silver  trinity knot pendant, it is full of symbolism and dramatic geometric designs.
These Celtic pendants are perfect to make your own Celtic trinity knot necklaces.

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