Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Difference Between The Triquetra Symbol And The Trinity Symbol

Celtic Knot Jewelry

In the genre of sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry there are many styles and even some sub-genres in the Celtic knot jewelry.  The one we are going to look into is the Celtic trinity knot which is also known as the Triquetra knot.
Many are confused about the difference between the Triquetra and the Celtic trinity knot.  There is no difference between the two. They both have three corners or three sides which is important to both symbols.
Before the Celtic trinity knot was a trinity knot is was a triquetra knot.  The triquetra symbol was developed by the ancient and medieval Celts. The symbol of the Celtic triquetra knot is multi-faceted. One symbolism is each of the three corners represents "past, present and future". 
Other symbols of the Celtic triquetra knot is Maiden, Mother and Crone. Additionally the three corners of the trinity knot is Earth, Heaven and Underworld. More symbols represent nature in the form of Air and Earth and Water.  Also the three corners of the Celtic trinity knot represents Mind, Body and Spirit.
The Christians came to Ireland and brought with them a strong Christian influence.  They adopted many symbols from the Celts. The Celts also adopted many of the influences of Christianity.
The Celtic triquetra knot was assimilated into Christianity as a symbol for the Holy Trinity using the same symbol of "threes". Each of the three corners represents a member of the Christian Holy Trinity.
The Trinity knot pendant is found in the trinity necklace and other types of the genre of Christian jewelry.  Such an example would be the Celtic cross necklace.  Look at this Celtic cross necklace and notice that part of the Celtic symbolism includes a Celtic trinity knot.
The sterling silver trinity knot pendant can be purchased as a trinity necklace or by itself. If you were to buy a silver trinity knot pendant you can customize a trinity necklace by getting a trinity knot pendant and add a silver chain or some other type of necklace.

The sterling silver Celtic trinity necklace and the Celtic trinity knot ring are the two most popular types of trinity knot jewelry.

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