Monday, January 21, 2013

The Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is one of the most popular icons in both Christian jewelry, in Celtic jewelry and in Cross jewelry genres. The Celtic cross is powerful because it is a Christian cross and add more Christian symbolism to the cross with the Irish and Celtic symbols. We will look into what the Celtic cross does in sterling silver Celtic jewelry and Christian jewelry.
To fully understand the Celtic cross and the Irish cross you need to understand in detail the Celtic cross meaning and the Irish cross meaning. Click on Celtic cross meaning to learn more about what the extra symbols mean.
The Irish cross typically is worn as a Celtic cross necklace but it also appears in Celtic cross earrings and Celtic cross rings.
What is the difference between and Irish cross and a Celtic cross? In some peoples opinion there is nothing different from them while others would call a cross and Irish cross if it had some Irish icons while others lump both Celtic crosses and Irish crosses into the same genre.


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