Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Irish Valentines Day

Having An Irish Valentines Day

Traditionally the main gits given at the day of romance, St. Valentines day, are candy, jewelry and flowers. Having and Irish Valentines Day means giving Irish jewelry to your sweet heart be it a man or women.  Irish jewelry is a huge genre and there are all kinds of Irish jewelry that fit's perfectly for the Valentines day celebration.

All kinds of sterling silver Irish jewelry are perfect Valentines day gifts but the Claddagh part of Irish jewelry is especially meaningful for a romantic holiday.  The Claddagh is a pair of hands holding a heart which is wearing a crown.  The heart means love, of course. The hands mean friendship and the crown means loyalty and fidelity.
The sterling silver clover necklace is popular in the three leaf and four leaf clover necklace varieties. These are popular for any time gift giving and especially on Valentines Day.

The sterling silver Claddagh ring comes in many styles and designs to accommodate both male and female.

Sterling silver Claddagh rings make perfect gift giving or Valentines Day.


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