Monday, December 31, 2012

Horse Jewelry

Horse Jewelry

We are going to look in detail into horse jewelry.   Sterling silver horse jewelry spends all types and designs o horse jewelry featuring all kind of horses and breeds and horse themes. You can really cover all o horse jewelry in one blog but we are going to provide a highlight of horse jewelry just to show you how vast the horse jewelry genre is.

The first sub-genre for horse jewelry is the ever popular horseshoe necklace. There are numerous different styles of the the horseshoe necklace. Check this one out:
The difference between a horse necklace and a horseshoe necklace is one focuses on a horse and the other is a horseshoe. The horse necklace features any number of horses and horse breeds.

Horse charms can be used for charm bracelets or horse necklaces. The same applies to horseshoe charms as well.
Here is an example of one of the horseshoe charms there is available or your collection.

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