Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is Cheerleading A Real Sport?

Is Cheerleading A Real Sport?

Having had two daughter in cheerleading my answer to the question is yes, Cheerleading is a real sport. The hard work they do and the athleticism required makes cheering a a sport in my mind. However I read an article today that I thought worthy of making comments about.
The article is names "Cheerleading needs sports safety rules, docs say". It talks about the lack of any governing association declaring the activities of cheerleading not a sport. The lack of that designation contributes to injuries for lack or governance that restricts what can be done in competition and in traditional cheerleading.
There are over three million cheerleaders from age six to twenty-two years of age. They make no mention of professional cheerleaders.  Their are other female sports that provide more injuries to young ladies. However, no other sport but cheerleading provides the degree of serious injuries like concussions, spinal injuries, broken bones, skull fractures, and paralyzing spine injuries.
400,000 cheerleaders are high school age and that appears to be where a majority of these injuries occur. What can be done about this? The article advocates that schools and governing boards declared all levels of cheerleading an officially recognized sport where limitations can be placed reducing serious and debilitating injuries.
In the mean time parents and coaches who are the driving force behind the "sport" of cheerleading can influence local organizations and high schools to reducing riskier stunts. Get involved in competition requiring them to reduce riskier stunts.
As fun as it is to compete, why do it if life threatening injuries are more prone.
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