Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celtic Knot Necklace

Celtic Knot Necklace

The sterling silver Celtic knot necklace is a term used to describe all the Celtic necklaces made with a Celtic knot. We will look into specific Celtic knot necklaces throughout this Celtic knot necklace blog. The only time a Celtic necklace isn't a Celtic knot necklace is when it features a symbol that is not made of from Celtic knot work.

The Celtic knot necklace above is a classic Celtic knot necklace. In fact because it is a Celtic knot necklace with no beginning or end it is also referred to as a Celtic eternity knot.

This sterling silver Celtic moon necklace above has some Celtic weave in it but is more a symbol than a knot. It would fall into a Celtic necklace.

This sterling silver Celtic necklaces for women is made up of a Celtic triskelle which is a popular Celtic knot for women. All the symbolism is for women. To see more Celtic necklaces for women like Celtic heart and Celtic love knot necklaces click on Celtic necklaces for women.

There are many sterling silver Celtic trinity necklaces in the Celtic necklace genre. Originally like all Celtic necklaces, the Celtic jewelry was consider pagan but when Christianity was introduced to the Celts several of the symbols were used by the Christians. That's where Celtic crosses came from and the Trinity knot necklace came from. The trinity knot can look like many different things but what makes them unique and fall under the trinity necklace genre is any Celtic knot  with three corners. The trinity necklace above is a trinity necklace. The cross knot necklace shown below is also a trinity necklace.

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