Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Photographers In Utah

Family Photographers In Utah

When Colette from ColettesCreations does family photographs in Utah she does them in a unique style. She does the family poses and then she breaks up the family into single portraits for each member of the family then she does shots with various break downs of the family.

In this blog of family photographers in Utah we'll look at one example family photo shoot as an example of some of the break downs. Between this example of doing more than full family poses just the poses it shows how Colette is among the very best in Utah family photography.

The first family photo was the whole family. The next photo is just Mom and Dad. The next family photograph shown is just the brothers and sister.

Taking family pictures is not as easy at it might seem. Every family is at ease in the family pictures and they are enjoying themselves. Colette has a great way of making the family happy to be together and gets them posed naturally and comfortably. Just a few reasons making her one of the great family photographers in Utah.

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