Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cheer Jewelry

Cheer Jewelry

The cheer jewelry collection that we will primarily be looking into is based on the megaphone charm like in the picture below. Many a cheer jewelry necklace uses this cheerleading megaphone charm.

In the cheer jewelry collection are many cheer necklaces that include the chearleading megaphone charm.

The cheer necklace shown above has the megaphone pendant and the "Mom" word pendant together which makes a very cool and unique cheer necklace. It means cheer mom. It's a great cheer necklace to give to your Cheer mom.

This sterling silver cheerleader necklace is made only with the megaphone charm. As you can see from these cheerleader necklace pictures the megaphone works well in the field of cheerleader jewelry.

This cheerleader necklace is unique and coll like the one above only the implied message in this cheerleader jewelry necklace is "I love cheerleading". It can be worn by a cheerleader, a cheer coach or cheer mom. It's one of the more universal cheer necklaces in the cheerleader jewelry genre.

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