Monday, February 23, 2009

Positive Affirmations Article

Positive Affirmations

I hate my body. Why am I attracted to positive people but end up with people who are negative? I wish I could change my situation. I wish I was happier. How can I attract people?

Have you ever entertained any of these negative thought patterns or similar type of thoughts or self defeating thoughts?

There is an old adage “You are what you eat”. There is another aphorism “You are what you think”. There is a proverb that says “As a man thinketh, so is he." ( Proverbs 23:7). If you think you’re ugly then you are. If you think you’re beautiful then you are. If you want to be treated better by others then treat yourself nicer in your thoughts, remembering that our thoughts end up in actions.

Positive Affirmations improve the quality of our life.

Affirmations are statements or power words designed to impact our lives.

Positive Affirmations are strong statements of truth that a person uses to control ones destiny. They are positive and powerful inner thoughts manifested in statements sent out in faith with certainty they will come true. Affirmations can be one word, one sentence, one paragraph, a positive quote, or even a religion, movement or cause.

For positive affirmations to work and be effective one must feel they are empowered to impact there destiny for good. As long as we have a mind and are capable of thinking independent thoughts we have the ability or power to make changes in our life. The concept of positive affirmations is to help create a positive reality for ourselves.

Positive Affirmations promote the positive aspects of life.

Positive affirmation statements are powerful phrases like AI can change...@ or AI will change...@ they are not weak statements like AI hope I can change...@ Or AI think I might be strong...@

Those weaker thoughts have a degree of being positive and can be the beginning of
the campaign to change your reality to what you want it to be. These thoughts can be soul searching and that can be helpful in getting to know yourself so you know what kind of positive affirmations are needed to create the positive change you want to make.

Positive Affirmations are based on "thoughts precede actions." Taking a quote from the Bible, "As a man thinketh, so is he." Proverbs 23:7. If something happens to make you happy it registers in your mind which can spread over your body in a positive way. However it all starts in your mind.

Positive Affirmations help us to be happy.

Affirmations help us by motivating us to change or helping us to realize we have the power and ability to change. Positive Affirmations can strengthen our minds or help us be motivated to strengthen our bodies. Everything we do starts from our minds. They are Power Words to represent motivational or inspirational thoughts.

Positive Affirmations promote positive healthy mental growth.

We have .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Charms that are called Affirmation Charms. They are circle shaped pendants with usually one or two words engraved on both sides of the round charm. These
Affirmation charms are 2.7 grams of solid sterling silver. They are about the size of a quarter or about 7/8" round.

They can take the power words out of your personal positive affirmations and you can wear these charms on a chain as a necklace to remind yourself of the affirmation you're working on.

For example: AI have power to achieve my dreams@. You can take this one affirmation sentence and filter it down to one or two words like Achieve, Dream or both. Using a sterling silver affirmation sliding charm with the word Achieve or Dream engraved on it, hang it from a necklace and you have a continual reminder of your affirmation that your working on.

Using these affirmation jewelry pendants to represent your affirmation thoughts you can wear them on key chains, bracelets or as zipper pulls.

No matter how you wear your sterling silver affirmation charms one thing is certain they are being used as a stylish reminder of something important to you. Affirmation charms or pendants immediately have intrinsic value because of what they represent to you.

Real Life Examples

One woman lost her husband to a senseless murder. Her daughter introduced her to affirmation charms by giving her several to wear on a necklace chain. The affirmation charms were words like Faith, Courage, Strength, Patience and Peace. Every morning as she thought about each word on the necklace as she put on the necklace they reminded her of memories, thoughts and feelings that gave her strength, courage and desire to go on.

This Woman, eventually added more affirmation charms to her necklace to give her other reminders for other memories, thoughts and feelings. I met her about five years after the tragic death and she was still wearing them and looking through them each and every day. She was well kept and radiant with a great outlook on life. She gave much of the credit to these affirmation pendants.

Positive Affirmations are words or phrases that are designed to inspire and uplift your soul and to help overcome the negative influence that surrounds us. These affirmation words can defeat negative self talk. Affirmations help to remind us that we can be better and improve our lives. These affirmation pendants can help reinforce the affirmations important to us.

Positive Affirmations assist in attitude change.

We sold several affirmations to a woman who used the affirmation charms on a necklace worn over
her heart feeling that they would help her by being a constant reminder. She felt that not only would they serve as a reminder that she could overcome the emotional negativity surrounding her as well as help improve her mental health problems, but she used them as symbols. For example the Hope affirmation charm carried the symbolic message of hope springs eternal because of the circle shape the affirmation charm came in. The Love affirmation charm was symbolic of “Love
is forever” because the circle is symbolic of forever.

Generally "positive affirmations" can be inward and even self centered. We take the approach that
positive affirmations can be inward and outward at the same time.

Often reaching out to others can be as good or better for the soul in defeating negative self talk
or in defeating the bad around us while inspiring us in overcoming the things that tend to weigh us down.

This Positive Affirmation page contains an ever growing library of the of positive daily affirmations with Affirmation Jewelry Charms and Necklaces that support the positive daily affirmations.