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Sterling Silver Dog Jewelry

Sterling Silver Dog Jewelry

I love dogs. I am not alone in my love for dogs, and the majority of Americans love dogs. I’ve never come across to God that I don’t love with a few exceptions. Nothing in a big laundry dog the jumps out at you when you’re on a walk and harasses you, but by far never met a dog I didn’t like.
Sterling silver dog jewelry is one of the greatest ways to celebrate your love for dogs especially if you’re in a situation that doesn’t allow you to have a dog. Sterling silver dog jewelry makes a wonderful gift to a dog lover.
Sterling silver dog lover necklaces

I never had the opportunity to have a dog growing up. But after being married and having kids, we got our first dog. It was a stray dog roaming around the street looking for food, but it was still a little bit of a puppy less than a year old. We feed watered for a few days, no one came looking for no signs were posted so we decided to adopt it. It was a happy dog friendly and good with the kids it was disappointing to find out after we got the dogs for shots and a collar and leash that the dog belonged to a neighbor down the street around the corner. Even named the dog Shasta.

When the original owners found out, we had the dog, they came after it, they reimburse us for the cost of getting the shots if we would let him have the dog. If they didn’t have little kids who loved the dog and the dog loved them back, we would have kept Shasta. We were looking for another dog only to find out that I was allergic to dog dander. So we went a while without a dog. After my allergies put me on regular allergy medicine, we started to think about getting another dog.

We had a friend who had a pair of Chihuahua’s. They had babies and she offered us one, they came from a blue ribbon pure bred lineage. The sweet little puppy was a blonde haired tiny little thing. I usurped my authority and named the dog before anyone else had a chance to suggest names, thankfully everyone like the name Duke.

A few weeks later our friend found out that she had to get rid of another one of her Chihuahua puppies because of some zoning issue in her city that didn’t allow her to have more than three dogs in her house. She asked us if we would like one more Chihuahua puppy?

Against our better judgment we said yes! These Chihuahua puppies were so small and so soft we couldn’t say no. Chihuahua’s are people pleasing dogs and excellent with our kids. If one can bring in such great happiness two can bring us even more joy. What we didn’t know was that Chihuahua’s are people-pleaser’s unless there’s another Chihuahua around and then they want to please each other.

We were casual dog owners that wanted to have fun with the dog and enjoyed the dog’s personality. We taught the dogs basic commands but we were new dog owners and didn’t really know a lot about housebreaking the dog love story short we had a lot of "tootsie rolls" to pick up.

But by that time we were hooked in full in love with Duke the boy and Daizy the girl. We had a lot of fun watching them play together. One time I was home sick for several days, I was so sick could not do anything more than fall into my recliner and watch TV. Duke and Daizy, sensing that I was sick, jumped onto the recliner and snuggled in my bathrobe, each on their own side. I had two little apple heads poking out of my bathrobe. They were with me all day long for three or four days straight.

I got worried about them not eating but since they were eating or drinking they didn’t need to go to the bathroom. When the kids got home from school I had them take the dogs until they ate and went outside to go to the bathroom. When they came back into the house they made a beeline back for me and snuggled with me for those several days I was at home sick. It wasn’t just me, any family member that ended up sick; got the royal treatment from the dogs. Years later my wife surprised me with the cute little Chihuahua pup, black as night and so small I could fit onto my hand.

It was love at first sight for both the dog and me. That dog’s name was Paco. He’s been around now for four or five years. I tell you all this history about dogs just to reinforce how awesome sterling silver dog charms areas and in this case how awesome this cute little 3-D Chihuahua charm is. In this collection of dog jewelry you can find countless 3-D dog charms and some one-sided dog charms that work perfectly as a sterling silver dog necklace and all the dog charms hang equally well on a sterling silver charm bracelet.

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