Sunday, August 17, 2014

Irish Jewelry


Sterling silver Irish jewelry as a genre is divided into two parts. One part celebrates the dashing and iconic Irish symbols like the three-leaf clover, the lucky four-leaf clover and the Irish Claddagh to name a few.
The Irish necklace below shows the famous Irish Claddagh necklace. Notice a little Celtic trinity knot in the pendant.

The other half of the Irish jewelry genre has a Celtic influence. It goes by the name of Celtic jewelry. One of the favorite Celtic knot designs is the Trinity knot or Triquetra symbol. It has three corners on the knot. Look at this Celtic knot necklace as an example:

Celtic jewelry has countless types and styles of Celtic knots. The Trinity knot necklace is very popular in the Celtic jewelry genre but by no means is it the only type of Celtic necklace.

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