Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celtic Crosses


Sterling silver Celtic crosses make wonderful sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces.    What makes Celtic crosses so different from traditional Christian crosses is the presence of Irish and Celtic symbols.  These Celtic and Irish symbols add a surprising degree of Christian symbolism like the trinity knot, the Irish clover and an assortment of other interesting symbols. Let's look at some of these Celtic crosses in the form of a Celtic cross necklace and some Irish crosses.

As you look at these Celtic crosses in the form of silver Celtic cross necklaces you will see some with a Celtic influence and some with an Irish influence. The Celtic cross necklace above is all Celtic symbols.
 The Celtic cross necklace just above is made with an Irish cross. What makes it an Irish cross necklace is the presence of a Irish clover. The Irish clover has three leafs that represent the Holy Trinity. Although, it does have some Celtic symbols as well.


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