Friday, September 20, 2013

Positive Affirmations...The Power Of Words In Jewelry

Positive Affirmations

Words are a powerful tool. From poems and prose to lyrics and everyday speech, words are powerful. We think in words, we speak words and we live by words that are said by others or by ourselves. Sterling silver affirmation jewelry is a popular word jewelry genre.
Positive affirmations if a powerful and popular phrase that refers to using positive words or positive thoughts to manipulate our thoughts for good or for bad.  The term "positive affirmations" implies using words for good. That is what we will pursue in this post.
Positive affirmations come in many shapes and sizes. Positive affirmations are as varied and diverse as words are.  Let's look at a few positive affirmations in the form of inspired and thoughtful quotes:
"You will find as you look back upon your LIFE that the moments when you have truly LIVED are the moments when you have done things in the SPIRIT of LOVE."
(Henry Drummond)
"The world changes constantly and dramatically, but God, His commandments, and promised blessings do not CHANGE."  (L. Tom Perry)
"My STRENGTH did not come from lifting weights. My STRENGTH came from lifting myself up when I was knocked down." (Bob Moore)
These are great positive affirmation quotes but how do they relate to word jewelry?  That is simple to answer.  Sterling silver affirmation jewelry is made from affirmation rings and charms. Each of these affirmation rings and charms are engraved with "power words" as you can see from these pictures.
Using these affirmation rings in the form of an affirmation necklace serves as a reminder to the various positive quotes and affirmations that speak to you. The words with added emphasis are examples of words that can be found in affirmation rings.

Sterling silver affirmation necklaces can represent one word or positive affirmation. Affirmation necklaces can also be created by putting affirmations rings together to create a theme like the affirmation necklace shown above.

The sterling silver affirmation necklace can be used in endless ways like the way demonstrated above and there are countless others types and styles of affirmation necklaces.

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