Friday, August 30, 2013

Celtic Cross Meaning


The sterling silver Celtic cross necklace and even all Celtic cross jewelry is highly symbolic as a cross necklace should be but Celtic cross necklaces have an even deeper Christian meaning with the various Celtic and Irish symbols.  Because of all of this we will look a the Celtic cross meaning of Celtic cross jewelry.
We will use the two Celtic cross necklaces shown in this post as a basis to discuss Celtic cross meaning. There is much more meaning to various Celtic crosses which means to get a bigger and broader understanding of Celtic cross meaning o many more Celtic cross necklaces click on Celtic cross meaning.
Both of these Celtic cross necklaces have Irish symbols added to them making them Irish cross necklaces as much as they are Celtic cross necklaces.
The first Celtic cross necklace shown in this article is a classic. It has strong Celtic influences and with the very popular Irish clover in the center has a very strong Irish influence. The Celtic aspects are traditional for a Celtic cross necklace and the clover with three leaves is used to represent the Christian Holy Trinity.
Sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry includes Irish cross necklaces as well. The second Irish cross necklace or Celtic cross necklace, the terms are often interchangeable, has a very popular Irish Claddagh symbol.
Celtic cross jewelry is a type of catch-all phrase for any Christian type of Celtic or Irish jewelry.

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