Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sterling Silver Horse Charms and Pendants

Horses Charms

Want to make your own sterling silver horse jewelry? Do you want to make your own horse pendant necklace or would you like to make your own horse charm bracelet?  This blog will introduce you to sterling silver horse charms and horse pendants that gives you the opportunity to design your horse jewelry just how you like.

The difference between a silver horse charm and a silver horse pendant is visible in the picture above and the picture below.

The horse charm has a jump ring that allows it to be used on a charm bracelet or on a necklace. The horse pendant has a bail that connects the horse pendant to the necklace but doesn't work on a horse charm bracelet.
Which ever you want, you'll ind a large collection of horse charms and horse pendants in this collection of silver horse jewelry. 
To see more horse pendants click on silver horse pendant.

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