Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Celtic Knot Necklace

Celtic Knot Necklace

The sterling silver Celtic knot necklace is one of the most vast and varied types of silver necklaces. Perhaps the only other type of silver necklaces that has more variety might be the cross necklace. But I'm guessing. They may be very close as to the variations that make up these two types of necklaces.

Look at this collection of Celtic knot necklaces just on display in this post. There is a big difference. If you went to the web page that sells Celtic necklaces you see and even broader collection of sterling silver Celtic necklaces.

The sterling silver Celtic necklace is also thought of as geometric necklaces by many people who like geometric figures and have no idea about Celtic jewelry styles. But they are popular non the less.

Silver Celtic necklaces are so broad that there are Christian designs to pagan designs to everything in between. The Celtic necklace below is a Christian trinity knot. The trinity knot has three points, each point representing a member of the Holy Trinity.

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